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When was the last time you had a wheel torque check? Do you know what your wheel torque is? If you have to ask, it’s time to find an Intermountain Mobile Tire van near you and have it checked today! Learn more about a wheel torque check and how you can take care of this important service at your home or office.

What is Wheel Torque and How Do You Check It?
Wheel torque is when you adjust the lug nuts on your wheels to make sure they aren’t too loose or too tight. Each make and model vehicle has its own manufacturer-recommended torque specifications.The amount of torque required for your wheels depends on the size of your vehicle and the size of the bolt or stud. You should always torque your wheels to your manufacturer specifications. Failure to do so can cause serious problems for your car.

Why Should I Call Intermountain Mobile Tire to Torque My Wheels?
While explaining wheel torque is easy, getting it right is a little more complicated. In addition to needing to be tightened to manufacturer specifications, there’s an order in which you should tighten your lug nuts. You can’t just tighten each nut in a clockwise circle. This could result in a wheel that is off-balance. An off-balance wheel impacts the quality of your ride and could warp your brake rotors. The pattern in which the lugs are tightened depends on how many lug nuts your wheel has. Some wheels must be torqued in an “X” pattern, while others need to be tightened in a “star” pattern.

What Happens if My Wheel Torque is Too Tight or Too Loose?
Overtightening your lug nuts does more than make it difficult to remove them later. It can strip the threads from either your lug nut or the bolt to which the nut attaches. It could even break off the bolt itself. Then you would have to take your car into a shop to replace the bolt. It can even distort your brake rotors! If your wheel torque is too loose, you run the risk of losing your wheel while driving. We don’t have to explain what a disaster this would be. Get a wheel torque check every time you receive a tire service, and you can be confident your wheels are fastened tightly and securely.

Why Do I Need a Wheel Torque Check?
A wheel torque check is a vital service for the continued safety and performance of your vehicle. Any time you remove and replace your wheel, you should have your torque checked. This goes for adding new tires too. You should always have your wheel torque checked approximately 50 miles after replacing a tire. This is often about 2-3 days’ worth of driving.

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